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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 3 blog

Day 3…
This morning we had half an hour lie in, meaning the 7.30 wake up left us more energised for the evnts we had to come. Breakfast consisted was waffles and eggs. Portions were not restricted which was welcomed with open arms.
We left the hotel at 9am for our first destination which was a dormant volcano named Storidimon. The keenest of geographers decided to race to the top which was een as an easy task. Not even half way up, the eagerness faded as the combination of the cold air and steep slope induced jelly legs. However, in first place came Peter Chennels followed by Louis Conningsby. Mr Gracie says we have to mention that he still managed to finish in the top 3.

The view was well worth the agonising walk as from the top we were able to soak in the fantastic braided streams across the outwash plane. After taking in the views we returned to the coach to make our way to the Hekla museum which was a welcome help in understanding the volcano’s geology, source and legend. After we absorbed all the information we could from the museum we returned to our amazing off road bus to head to the Helfinfoss waterfall.
On the way we stopped to get a close view of Hekla and its very evident lava flows as well as to collect some pumice to pass to our mums to keep their feet soft. We also passed by an HEP plant which was interesting to see but gave us mixed emotions as we had seen evidence of its negative impacts on the channel further downstream.

Helfinfoss was a stunning location as the channel split into two and was surrounded by breathtaking basalt columns. The weather also meant that ice was breaking off at the edges of the plunge pool and floating like mini titanic sinkers downstream.

This was the last sight of the day as we were back on the bus for an hour and a half trip back to Reykjavik.
We dined on local cuisine at the difficult to pronounce bar Tabasco! This was followed by a viewing at a family ciname of a film they had made dramatically charting the Eyjajaffjallojokull eruption and Iceland’s history. Of course this was preceded by the obligatory hot pool session.

Love from the bloggers xxx

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