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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Iceland day 1

Our Iceland trip kicked off at Bedford school as each keen geographer arrived at Burnaby road within reasonable times of each other, with only one student letting the side down having forgotten a sleeping bag. Luckily Mr.Walker had a spare as he was prepared as always. We arrived at Heathrow airport at 9:30am with check-in going suprisingly well with no delay which put us in a comfortable position of having plenty of spare time in the departure lounge.

This however, was extended by two and a half hours delay which led to a group of students meeting Jedward which some appreciated more than others. We boarded the plane at around 2:30pm. The journey took two hours and fourty minutes and the time flew by as the in-flight films occupied our attentions and the late evening sun created mesmerising views.

(views from the plane)

We arrived in Keflevik airport at 5:00pm Icelandic time and met our kowlegable bus driver Thor. From the airport we immediately set off to Hofnir which is "The Bridge Between Two Continents" we observed the rift left by the spreading of the American and the European plates, the plates move around 2cm a year.

(view down the rift between the north American and Eurasian plates)

Light was fading rapidly so we quickly moved onto Gunnr which was the hot mud spring located ten minutes away. Upon arrival we walked into the awfull smelling steam reaking of sulphur which soaked all who walked in.

(photo of the viewing bridge shrouded in mist from the late evening geysers)

We were only too happy to leave the suffocating steam to board the coach for Reykjavik City Hostel. The journey took half an hour we arrived at the hostel and checked in, to then move onto the public outdoor pool where we enjoyed a game of pool rugby, Mr.Gracies side won.

Posted by Will W-G and Harry Sturley

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